US Commercial Logging

U.S. Commercial Logging and Forestry Products: Industry, Market and Supply Chain Overview

U.S. Commercial Logging and Forestry Products: Market Overview

The U.S. Commercial Logging, Forestry, and related industries is a $16 billion market, which is twenty-eight percent of the world’s supply of timber. United States environmental and conservation regulations have presented challenges to the industry to control deforestation and forest degradation. Logging Concessions are government contracts that grant harvesting rights to the highest bidders of publically owned forests. Corporate institutions buy and manage forestland on behalf of investment trusts.

Given the substantial capital investments required to initiate Commercial Logging, there is much opportunity for banks and investors to support the industry. First-line handlers of commercial logging materials support pulp mill, Engineered wood, and saw-mill manufacturing markets. Products and services provided include woodchips, pulp, sawlogs, structural-wood, logging, and timber. These products are used to manufacture paper, lumber, and wood panels used for residential, commercial housing, furniture, and other wood construction commodities.

Disposal of paper and wood products are recycled and used for energy production and re-use of paper products. The industry requires an extensive transportation infrastructure — distribution of wood products to retailers, construction, wholesale companies, and outlets for final preparation and consumer purchases.

This article provides a breakdown of income and expenditures for industry sectors that contribute to the U.S. Commercial Logging and Forestry supply chain. Each segment references AllBizOps Market Research Reports that provide more in-depth Market analysis for each industry.

Top Growth Markets and Supply Chain Opportunities

The table below lists the NAICS codes and Industry Sectors that contribute to U.S. Commercial Logging and Forestry. Five-year income growth trends can be used to identify industries to target for sales. Product names represent goods and services (Commodities) detailed in our Market Research Reports. AllBizOps recommends using the table to start an Industry Analysis and identify which reports will be needed to complete your analysis. See AllBizOps Market Research Reports for more Buyer and Supplier information within your sector of interest

Products, Services &
Commodities Covered
List Size
Commercial logging113310timber, log, logging, pulpwood, rails, rough wood, stump removing, piling, pole, tree, chippingHigh 14,254
Forestry, forest products, and timber tract production113110, 113210timber tract operations, aromatic wood gathering, balsam, needles, bark, cherry, gum, chestnut, forest nurseries, reforestation, growing trees,products, ginseng product,harvesting berries non-cultivated plants, hemlock, huckleberry greens,Medium4,559

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