Animal Products Industry

U.S. Animal Product and Husbandry Industry: Regulations, Market Leaders, and Supply Chain Contributors

U.S. Animal Product and Husbandry Industry: Market Overview

The U.S. Animal Product and Husbandry industry is a $120 billion market, with 99% of all animal products originating from factory farms. Trade policies and regulations have placed competitive pressures on farmers and ranchers that supply animal products. The industry is highly dependent on soybean products, which is the main food supply for this industry. Products provided by the industry include the following:

  • Production of aquatic animals and plants contributing $1.3 billion to the industry.
  • Dairy products contain milk, eggs, cheese, and dairy by-products.
  • Hogs and pork products. The United States is the world’s largest exporters of pork and pork products.
  • The U.S. poultry industry is the world’s largest producer of poultry meat and egg products. The poultry and egg industry is a significant user of feed grains.
  • The U.S. sheep and wool industries have seen a substantial decrease in market share. Sheep produce meat (lamb or mutton) and wool.

The Federal Government administers policy and publishes regulations for livestock and through the USDA and other Federal agencies. Laws that impact the supply chain include animal waste management, animal health and welfare, feeding practices, and disease prevention. The USDA inspects slaughter facilities for animals producing meat products.

Top Growth Markets and Supply Chain Opportunities

The table below lists the NAICS codes and Industry Sectors that contribute to the U.S. Animal Product and Husbandry Industry. Five-year income growth trends can be used to identify industries to target for sales. Product names represent goods and services (Commodities) detailed in our Market Research Reports. AllBizOps recommends using the table to start an Industry Analysis and identify which reports will be needed to complete your analysis. See AllBizOps  Market Research Reports for more Buyer and Supplier information within your sector of interest.

Products, Services & Commodities
List Size
Poultry and egg production112310, 112320, 112330, 112340, 112390chicken, egg, hen,layer-type, pullet, broiler, cornish hen, fryer, roaster, turkey, poultry, chukar, partridge, duck, emu, geese, ostrich, pheasant, quail, ratiteMedium1,413
Animal production, except cattle and poultry and eggs112210, 112410, 112420, 112511, 112512, 112519, 112910, 112920, 112930, 112990alpaca, aviaries, birds, canaries, parakeets, parrots, bison, pets, cats, dogs, buffalo, cricket, deer, earthworm, hatcheries, elk, kennels,
chinchilla, fox, mink, rabbit, burro, donkey, horse, thoroughbreds, mule, pony, bee, pollen, beeswax, honey, propolis, bees, royal jelly,
algae, alligator, aquaculture, frog, seaweed, turtle,
clam, crawfish, crustacean, cultured pearl, fish farms, shellfish, hatcheries, mollusk, mussel, oyster, shrimp,
baitfish, catfish, finfish, goldfish, hybrid, striped bass, minnow, tilapia, trout,
farrow-to-finish, pig, feedlots, hog breeding, farrowing, finishing, swine, weaning
Dairy cattle and milk production112120dairy cattle, milk, milkingMedium35,379

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