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Find new customer markets with AllBizOps Market Research Reports

Save valuable time identifying the best target markets

Have you ever been given unrealistic sales goals: “Grow a business or perish”;  “Increase sales by 10% and don’t care how it’s done”;   !existing customers don’t count!”? Take a step back and look at the information you are working with. Your Rolodex? Were you hired or expected to grow a business based on a Rolodex? There is no time to understand potential new customers and how much income they can bring to a business. Cold calls and relationships can only take you so far! If this scenario sounds familiar or you are looking to save time identifying new opportunities, read further.

A must-read for marketing professionals and business owners

AllBizOps Market Research Reports provide detailed insight to potential markets. Graphs, Charts, and Analytics combine data from thousands of sources, saving readers valued time compared to manual research. What value does this bring to readers? We take out the heavy lifting and save time pinpointing where to look. All information needed to identify new customers and business opportunities are included in one easy to read report!

Are you spending valuable time pinpointing just the right business and marketing strategy?

AllBizOps’ Business intelligence includes five-year spend trends for all Industries. Our reports are rich in market research analytics and very cost-effective to quickly learn where to focus and identify new customers. Similar reports can cost thousands of dollars which contain the same information!

Do you know how to find your potential customers?

Reports provide information about businesses located in the U.S for ideal target markets including count of potential customers by state. Notably, our reports include total revenues and B2B growth trends for targeted markets. Use this to PINPOINT where customers are and how much they buy.

What’s included in our reports?

Detailed Industry Sector information, including Income and Expenditure data, potential new customers, and B2B marketing information about a target industry. We have over 500 reports are available with Graphs, Charts, and Analytics to understand Market growth potential relevant to specific needs. Our reports contain the following information that can easily be cut and pasted into a Marketing Plan:

  • Sector Overview Summary of businesses registered to do business in the United States within an industry.
  • Estimates of income and expenditures for top targeted markets.
  • Estimated number of businesses and distribution across revenue size groupings.
  • NAICS codes associated with businesses included in a market of interest.
  • Geographic distribution of businesses by state locations linked to top target markets.
  • Top target markets, income by market, and spend trends for an industry.
  • Top markets that are buying and growth potential for an industry.
  • Distribution of potential customers/prospects by U.S. regions.
  • Density of potential customers/prospects by state.
  • Top products, services purchased, and spend trends for industry sectors.
  • Distribution of potential suppliers by geographic region.

What next?: how do i use all this information?

After understanding income potential and top target markets, use AllBizOPs’ United States business, industry directories and market research platform to quickly fill your pipeline with sales prospects. We automatically do this for you in a fraction of the time compared to ineffective brute force “Rolodex” marketing efforts.

Start your online market research, B2B lead generation, and identify your sales lead targets.

NOW: Find the Market Research Report for your industry

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