Online Market Research – Explore Past Government Awards and Competitor Analysis

Online Market Research platforms are used to Explore Past Government Awards and Competitor Analysis. AllBizOps’ Market Research platform identifies what government agencies are buying goods and services, and which companies are winning contracts.

Government Contract Awards, often referred to as Past Awards are an amazing resource for identifying potential customers (and competitors!).

Whilst most large awards are won by big companies, but there are rules about subcontracting a proportion of the work to small businesses. By reviewing past awards you can discover who is subcontracting the products or services you provide, and add those companies to your prospect list.

Browse Awards

As with Opportunities, the list of Past Awards is automatically filtered and ranked based on your business profile.

Explore Past Awards - Browse

Filter Awards

The Filter panel allows you to refine the list of awards in several ways. Filter the list on Contracts Won to see who is winning – these could be your competitors!

Explore Past Awards - Filter

Award Details

The detail page provides you with an overview of the Award, including the value of the award, who made it and who won it, and other details such as location and industry classification. 

If the Award is a subcontract for a larger Primary Award, the value of that award and the name of the Primary Awarding Agency are also provided.

Explore Part Awards - Detail