Online Market Research – Build quality bottom of funnel sales contact lists

Online Market Research platforms take the guess-work away and automatically guide you through the steps to build quality bottom of funnel contact sales lists. By the time you’re ready to make a list, all of your Market Research is complete, which provides quality lists of customers prepared to make purchases.

The Contact List Builder allows you to quickly unlock the data you need from our database of over 31 million business addresses and contacts.

Creating a new list

Specify Industry, State, Designations (e.g. Veteran Owned) and Keywords to refine your list, then choose if you want records that include names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Contact List Builder - Create New List

Unlocking your data

Contact List Builder will display a count of the records that match your search criteria. Unlocking each record uses up a Credit. You can purchase Credits as you need them. An Credit allowance is also included with AllBizOps™ Membership Subscriptions.

One thing that sets us apart is that 1 Credit doesn’t just unlock a single contact; it unlocks the whole organization! So, if our database has 3 contacts for a company, it only costs 1 Credit to unlock them all! Furthermore, any new contacts added to that company will also be automatically unlocked for you.

Contact List Builder - Unlock Contacts

Using your lists

Every list you create remains available to you in AllBizOps™ Explorer. You can return to your lists as you wish to look up addresses and contact details, or you can download any list for use in your CRM and other marketing tools.

Contact List Builder - My Lists